Children's orthotics

The children’s orthotics service runs weekly at Cheyne Child Development Service Doughty House, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (map) and at our satellite centre Parkview Centre for Health and Wellbeing. There is also specialist orthotic input to the Paediatric Orthopaaedic ESP clinics.

This specialised orthotic service is provided by John Florence Orthotics Ltd, an external contractor based in Lewes. The orthotist is supported in clinic by staff from the children’s physiotherapy team.

Common reasons for referral to this service are:

  • To reduce musculoskeletal pain identified as caused by altered foot and ankle biomechanics
  • To improve skeletal alignment and/or improve stability in standing and walking
  • Post-operatively, to maintain the benefits gained from surgery or following ponseti casting

Who can refer to this service?

Referrals are accepted for children aged 0–16* years who are registered with GPs in the following postcodes:

  • South Kensington and Chelsea: W9 1xx, W9 3xx, W8 4xx,W8 5xx, W8 6xx, W8 7xx, W2 4xx, W14, W11, W10, SW10, SW7, SW5, SW3, NW10 5PN
  • Hammersmith and Fulham: SW6, W6, W3 7xx, W4 2NP, W4 2PF, W12, NW10 5xx, NW10 6xx
  • South Westminster: SW1

We can also accept referrals if your child lives outside these postcodes providing they are linked to our orthopaedic team or we have direct authorisation from your GP/CCG.

* We are able to continue to see children up to the age of 19 years if they have special educational needs or remain in full time education.


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