What we do

We provide a comprehensive diabetes service across both hospitals, with close links to colleagues working in other teams to help provide a seamless experience of care for patients. Although the services are arranged slightly differently across sites, both are concerned with the investigation and management of diabetes, including emergencies and additional complications.

Information for patients regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In view of the recent public health concerns around COVID-19, and in order to support patients living with Diabetes and Endocrine conditions, advice is available in the links below:

All patients living with Diabetes are advised to follow the Sick Day rules at all times, and links with specific advice are provided below:

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Our Beta Cell Centre is a one stop shop that allows patients with diabetes to be treated under the same roof by a variety of diabetes specialists working in a team. The centre also supports The Kensington and Chelsea Community Diabetes Service that runs diabetes clinics across the local area and enables many patients to be treated away from hospital. We also run specialist clinics including insulin pumps, HIV, antenatal, psychiatry, hypertension and a dedicated adolescent clinic to help them come to terms with their illness and match their treatment to their adult life. We also manage diabetic emergencies and foot disease.

West Middlesex University Hospital

We provide sub-specialist diabetes clinics for adolescents and young adults, pregnant mothers and a dedicated foot ulcer clinic. We also provide inpatient support to other teams for the management of individuals with diabetes which may impact on their hospital treatment. We provide a very high level of care and education to try and prevent the vast array of complications associated with diabetes, particularly heart disease, stroke, blindness, amputation and kidney failure.

Our team 

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

  • Dr Michael Feher
  • Dr Daniel Morganstein
  • Dr Kevin Shotliff
  • Dr Alison Wren
  • Dr Veronica Greener
  • Dr Aikaterini Theodoraki
  • Dr Mike Stacey 
  • Dr Anastasia Dede

West Middlesex University Hospital

  • Dr Khalid Ahmed
  • Dr Rashmi Kaushal
  • Dr Marcus Martineau
  • Dr Sheheryar Qureshi


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Beta Cell Diabetes Centre
Outpatients Department, Lower Ground Floor

Antenatal Clinic
1st Floor, Lift Bank B

Group Education Sessions
Outpatients Department, Lower Ground Floor

West Middlesex University Hospital

We are located in Outpatients 1 on the Ground Floor of the main hospital building.


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