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Ambulatory emergency care (AEC) & Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC)

What we do

Both hospitals

The ambulatory emergency care (AEC) service is available at both sites and offers high quality same-day emergency care (SDEC). We aim to ensure that nobody stays in hospital overnight if they are able to go home safely, which means that you will be assessed, diagnosed and treated as an outpatient. We can ensure that any care you need is started quickly with easy, swift access to specialist clinicians and a range of diagnostic tests.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Chelsea and Westminster AEC have the following services:

  • Medical Same Day Emergency Care: A one-stop service aimed to assess, investigate, diagnose, treat and discharge to GP, referred for urgent medical specialist input or admit all on the same day
  • Surgical/Urology Same Day Emergency Care: Surgical and Urology patients with specific conditions and meeting the AEC streaming criteria are treated through an ambulatory pathway, managed and optimised for surgery as required
  • Hyperemesis Gravidarum Treatment:  We care for pregnant women who have excessive and persistent nausea and vomiting during early pregnancy with care led by our Acute Gynaecology service and we work closely with the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU) – refer to our EPAU webpage for more information
  • Older Adults Service (OAST): This rapid access clinic is designed for older people and provides same-day/urgent specialist geriatric consultant assessment for adults over 65, including frail patients with complex conditions
  • OPAT (Outpatient Antibiotic Therapy): Our OPAT services oversee outpatient therapy with intravenous antibiotics. Our aim is to facilitate early safe discharges and avoid unnecessary admissions
  • Virtual Consultations: We also provide telephone consultations for patients who may require a virtual review, follow-up, discussion of results or on-going support
  • GP Advice Service: We provide advice to local GPs over the telephone to help patients stay healthy and out of hospital, and to provide GPs direct access for urgent medical input for their patients
  • Nurse- Led Service: Our nurses look after patients requiring treatment for chronic diseases such as Biologic infusion, venesection, blood transfusion and some specialist Endocrine Tests
  • Acute Diagnostic Oncology Clinic (ADOC) : A service specifically designed for patients with suspected cancer diagnosis, where the patient is not well enough to wait for a two-week standard referral but is well enough to attend an outpatient appointment – refer to our Trust’s ADOC webpage 

We work closely with other departments in the hospital including our Emergency Department, medical and surgical specialties, as well as our Clinical Imaging department to ensure access to same-day diagnostics in order to provide the best patient care and experience.

Our team

Dr Sofia Lokman Cavill (C&W) and Dr Ashkan Sadighi (WMUH) are the Acute Medical Consultants leading our multidisciplinary team supported by the unit managers Jhannet Castillo (C&W) and Juan Xu (WMUH) and Service Manager Richard Ingrey.

Our team comprise of staff from different backgrounds, including Consultants, Physician Associates, Registrars and Junior Doctors, Microbiology team, Advanced Care Practitioners, Nurses, administrative staff and Pharmacists as well as input from different medical specialities. 


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital 

We are located on the Ground Flood near Lift D. 

Our services run:

T: 02033153564

West Middlesex University Hospital

We are located in Outpatients 1 at the front of the main hospital building, next to the WHSmith shop. 

Our services run:

T: 020 8321 5966

Hyperemesis gravidarum treatment in AEC


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