Referrals and clinics

Referrals are accepted for inpatient care from the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital maternity unit, other obstetric and neonatal units in the North West London Perinatal Network and further afield. Both medical and surgical referrals should be made by telephone to the duty neonatal medical registrar in the first instance. Contact details are shown in the side panel.


Perinatal Integrated Multidisciplinary Service (PIMS) clinic

A joint clinic is held weekly on a Tuesday morning, where prospective parents of babies with antenatally-diagnosed medical or surgical problems can be seen at the same appointment by consultants in fetal medicine, neonatal medicine, genetics and paediatric surgery.

Prospective parents are given information about their baby’s condition so that they are prepared for the delivery and know what treatment may be planned once their baby is born.

Obstetricians from within the North West London Perinatal Network may refer patients to our PIMS clinic by fax to 020 3315 8574 (FAO Julia Baker, Fetal Medicine Midwife), or telephone enquiries can be made on 020 3315 5874.

Neonatal follow-up clinic

There is a weekly consultant-led neonatal follow-up clinic, where babies discharged from the neonatal unit and postnatal ward are seen if they need ongoing medical intervention or monitoring.

5-star & 7-star clinics

Babies born very prematurely or with other risk factors for future problems are seen in the twice weekly consultant-led 5/7-star developmental follow up clinics. These babies will be seen 5 or 7 times (depending on their requirements) until the age of 2 by a multi-disciplinary team, so avoiding the need for multiple appointments and ensuring that potential problems are picked up early.

Specialty clinics

Some babies require follow up by other paediatric specialties including surgery, cardiology, respiratory medicine and ophthalmology, all of which are available on the Chelsea and Westminster site. There is also a feeding clinic run by a paediatric gastroenterologist, speech & language therapist and dietician, where babies with specific feeding problems are seen.

Contact Information

Neonatal Unit
3rd Floor
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

General (non-clinical) enquiries
T: 020 3315 7928

Neonatal Unit Reception
T: 020 3315 7883

Special Care Baby Unit
1st Floor
Queen Mary Maternity Unit 
West Middlesex University Hospital

Nursery 1 and high dependency
T: 020 8321 5944/5945

Nursery 2 and parent and baby room
T: 020 8321 6754/6755


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