Urology (children)

What we do

Our specialised urology service oversees patients with prenatally diagnosed and newborn conditions affecting the kidney, bladder and genital region, including posterior urethral valves, hydronephrosis, kidney obstruction, kidney reflux, hypospadias and other penile anomalies, scrotal swelling and undescended testes. We also deal with common problems such as urinary tract infections and wetting. More complex surgical care is offered for more severe forms of bladder dysfunction, such as those caused by spina bifida or other spinal abnormalities.

We offer a specialist service for children aged 0–16 years. The team specialises in minimally invasive procedures including robotic-assisted surgery, which allows reconstructive surgery to be performed through tiny cuts and with less painful recovery. We work very closely with our clinical nurse specialist who assists parents by providing home support and school visits, if required.

We run regular clinics at Chelsea and Westminster and West Middlesex, as well as at Hammersmith Hospital and St Mary's Hospital. We also offer counselling for pregnant mothers whose baby is found to have hydronephrosis or other kidney conditions. Prenatal counselling allows us to meet the family and make an appropriate plan for delivery and care of the baby after birth.

Our NHS services are based in the modern facilities of the Chelsea Children's Hospital on the 1st Floor of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Private outpatient consultation and surgery are also available.

Our team

  • Ms Diane De Caluwe
  • Ms Marie-Klaire Farrugia
  • Ms Nisha Rahman
  • Niamh Geoghegan (Continence Nurse Specialist)


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Children’s Outpatients
1st Floor, Lift Bank D

T: 020 3315 8885

For private care please call 020 3315 8484 or 020 3315 8599.


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