Endocrinology (children)

What we do

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s endocrine service diagnoses and treats children and adolescents with growth and endocrine problems relating to diseases associated with hormones. With close links to our diabetes service, our consultants are experts in treating disorders of growth and puberty, as well as growth issues associated with chronic illnesses such as inflammatory bowel disease, cystic fibrosis, asthma and blood disorders.

We also run special clinics for families with lipid problems (cholesterol), children with Prader-Willi syndrome, blood disorders and follow-up care after bone marrow transplant. Continuous care is available through to adulthood because of good links between our paediatric and adult endocrine services.

At West Middlesex University Hospital, the children’s endocrinology service is consultant-led in secondary care. Among various children’s endocrinology problems, we diagnose and manage problems related to growth and puberty, and thyroid, adrenal, pituitary glands. We manage most of the endocrine problems in-house and discuss with our tertiary centre at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital when necessary.

We do dynamic endocrine tests at West Middlesex and very specialist dynamic tests are referred to Chelsea and Westminster. We have close links with the tertiary endocrinology service at Chelsea and run joint children’s endocrinology clinics at West Middlesex every 2–3 months. 

Patients and careers are happy with our local services and, as we have links with tertiary centres, and they get best possible care.

Our team

At Chelsea and Westminster, Dr Nicola Bridges is a consultant paediatric endocrinologist and clinical lead for our children’s endocrinology service. Dr Jayanti Rangasami and Dr Archana Kshirsagar are our lead consultants at West Middlesex.


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Diabetes and Endocrinology service
Children’s Outpatients
1st Floor, Lift Bank D

Adult Outpatients (for monthly endocrine transition clinic/monthly family lipid clinic)
Lower Ground Floor, Lift Bank C

T: 020 3315 8695


  • Twice-monthly paediatric endocrine clinics at St Mary’s Hospital
  • Regular joint clinics with the haematology service at St Mary’s Hospital
  • Monthly paediatric cystic fibrosis diabetes clinics and cover for admitted children with CF-related diabetes and endocrine issues at The Royal Brompton Hospital

West Middlesex University Hospital

Children’s Outpatients
3rd Floor

T: 020 8321 5424


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