Dermatology (children)

What we do

Our consultant-led service at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital diagnoses and treats skin diseases in children, including severe eczema, psoriasis, alopecia, haemangioma (strawberry marks), acne and vitiligo (loss of pigment). Supported by a paediatric dermatology clinical nurse specialist, we offer six consultant-led and three nurse-led outpatient clinics a week and provide 24-hour, seven-day cover for the hospital. We have close links to the dermatology team at Great Ormond Street Hospital, from where paediatric dermatology patients typically transition.

We see children of all ages following a GP referral via the NHS eRS system and offer advice and guidance. We have a paediatric acute service accessed through the GP or A&E for the management of acute skin conditions. We have a paediatric rapid access service for the review and management of skin lesions suspicious for skin cancer within two weeks, which is accessed through your GP.

We hold consultant-led paediatric surgical clinics regularly throughout the year, where it may be possible to see and treat on the same day. We also hold joint clinics with our experienced craniofacial plastic surgery team for managing more complex lesions. Other specialist clinics include joint dermatology, allergy, vascular anomalies and birth marks, as well as endocrinology for the management of PCOS, hair, nail and paediatric genetics. 

We hold laser consultation clinics and offer laser treatments for birthmarks and vascular skin conditions—and will be expanding this service to offer laser treatments for other skin conditions. We offer paediatric phototherapy for managing chronic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and vitiligo. We also have access to the latest treatments for managing these conditions, including systemic medication and biologics.

Our team is heavily involved in research, giving opportunities to our paediatric patients to have access to new treatments by participating in clinical trials. Our nurse specialists offer clinics for education of atopic dermatitis (eczema) and skin bandaging, and run iontophoresis clinics for treating hyperhidrosis.

Children benefit from a multidisciplinary team which includes input from other specialties including paediatricians, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, allergy, dietetics, endocrinology, genetics, and psychology to develop holistic management plans. If required, patients are also supported through seamless transfer to our adult dermatology service.  

Our team

Our team at Chelsea and Westminster includes Dr Bisola Laguda, Lead Consultant Paediatric Dermatologist, Dr Nerys Roberts, Dr Eirini Merika, Dr Charlotte Edwards, Dr Jacqueline Simpson, and Clinical Nurse Specialist Amanreet Banga.

Our team at West Middlesex consists of Dr Nicola Clayton, Dr Randa Akel and Dr Jacqueline Simpson.


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West Middlesex University Hospital 

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