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Klick: Connecting you to your care

Healthcare services have been adapting during 2020 so that outpatients can continue to receive high-quality care while spending less time in the hospital setting. In this context, we introduce Klick, a smartphone app for patients living with a long-term condition. Klick will help you to connect with your outpatient clinic.

What is Klick?

Klick is a new smartphone app. By signing up to this service, you will be able to:

  • Book/reschedule/cancel certain routine appointments
  • Receive notifications about your blood results and/or care
  • View your routine blood test results

Currently, to be able to register on the Klick app you’ll need to receive your care at Kobler or 56 Dean Street; we are planning to roll out to our other sites over time.

To complete your registration, you will need to enter your UK mobile number and your Medical Number (if you don’t know this number, it can usually be found on the label of your medication). 

The type of Klick appointments available to you will depend on your home clinic. 

Kobler Klick Appointments:

  • Routine blood tests 
  • Annual review consultation with an experienced nurse. These appointments are for stable patients on treatment needing a routine review. You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire just before your appointment. You may book bloods to be done in advance of this appointment or afterwards. You will receive a repeat prescription as part of this appointment

56 Dean Street Klick Appointments:

  • Annual Review consultation – once a year in-depth health check and blood tests. You will receive a repeat prescription as part of this appointment
  • 6 Month Check – includes viral load, hepatitis and syphilis tests. You will receive a repeat prescription as part of this appointment


How it works

Download the app from Google Play store or the Apple app store by searching “Klick app” or click the appropriate link below:

Download on the App Store Badge US UK 135x40

If you’ve booked your appointments via the app, will be able to view your routine blood test results on the app and receive notifications from your clinical team (e.g. if any action is required).

We are working hard to improve this app to give you easy and convenient access to your care so your feedback is really important to us. We may ask you to complete a feedback questionnaire.

If you have any questions please email the relevant Klick Team for your clinic: 

Klick has been developed as part of a joint working initiative between Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and ViiV Healthcare.


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